Fact or Fiction #11: Answer


Fujiwara no Akitada was a real person. He served as Emperor Murakami’s Udaijin (Minister of the Right) from 960 C.E. Prior to Akitada assuming that role, Fujiwara no Saneyori’s brother, Fujiwara no Morosuke held the role. When Morosuke died in 960, Akitada became Udaijin. Not a lot is known about Fujiwara no Akitada himself; although he was obviously a powerful member of the Fujiwara clan if he held the role of Udaijin. It is known, however, that some of his descendants are important figures in Japanese history.  The above picture is of a Heian era aristocrat. I was unable to find any pictures of Fujiwara no Akitada himself.

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