Fact or Fiction #9: Answer

main Mechakucha no Kaze is a fictional character. He is one of the few characters with whose name I had some fun. In The Accidental Samurai, he is obviously what the Japanese refer to as Kiza (arrogant, pompous, and full of himself). The word Mechakucha has many meanings, but among them are:  absurdly, unreasonably, reckless and senseless. Kaze means wind. My intent with the name is a meaning akin to “extremely absurd wind.”

Kaze is a relatively minor character, but his arrogance and pettiness lead to results that tell us a lot about Bar Asher and that have important consequences for Bar Asher as the story progresses. Kaze causes the battle between the Minamoto who escort him and Bar Asher, and word of that battle eventually reaches the Emperor.

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